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    Artist's Welfare Fund Rules -2002
4. Source of Fund
The fund is created from financial assistance received from the Chief Minister's discretionary fund and by 15 % of the sale price deducted from sale of art objects taking place in the Akademi.
The amount of artists welfare fund shall remain invested in the Fixed Deposit accounts. The deserving artists shall be granted financial assistance out of interest received from the F.Ds.
5. Limits of Financial Assistance
The financial assistance granted from the fund shall be only of non recurring nature and the amount of each assistance shall be restricted to the following limits.
For medical treatment a total sum of Rs. 10,000/- to one artist out of which Rs. 5,000/- in the first instance and on production of vouchers of treatment duly certified by the Docter concerned to the extent of actual amount or Rs. 5000/- whichever is less in the next instance. If an artist is in employment with any State Govt. or Central Govt. or any other establishment where the medical expenses are reimbursed, then he/she shall not be considered for financial assistance under these Rules. A cerificate to this effect will have to be furnished by the artist.
For the last rites of an artist up to Rs. 3000/- to his next kin.
6. Sanction and Operation of Account
The Treasurer of the Akademi shall be empowered to operate the accounts of the Artist's Welfare Fund.
The application for treatment shall be received by the Secretary twice i.e. up to 30th April and 31st October every year and placed for sanction before the committee constituted by the Executive Board for the purpose.
In emergent circumstances, the Secretary shall entertain the application of an artist or his kin at any time and disburse the amount to the person in need after obtaining the sanction of the Chairman but such payment shall be put up before the aforesaid committee in its next meeting.
7. General
Request for financial assistance shall be made in the prescribed application form.
An application should be accompained by necessary medial certificate in cases of
An application for financial assistance should be recommended by atleast two members of the General Council / Executive Board of the Akademi.
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