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Modern Art Gallery

The permanent collection of the Akademi consists of more than 1800 art works. This comprises of 1112 paintings/sketching, 211 graphics, and 364 sculptures. This rich art reserve boasts of art creations of nationally/internationally renowned artists like L. M. Sen, B. Sen, S. R. Khastgeer, Asit Kumar Haldar, H. L. Merh, R. S. Bisht, M. F. Husain, Anjolie Ela Menon, Jatin Das and the like. The permanent collection of the Akademi is regularly on display in the Modern Art Gallery created within the Akademi premises during office hours.

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Creative Arts Centre

Anyone interested in art can join the Creative Arts Centre of the Akademi and learn the technicalities of art from experienced artists. Two sessions each are held from 1 Jan to 30 June and 1July to 31 December every year in painting and sculpture from 2.30 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. on working days.

Batches of 25 persons in each session are admitted for both the disciplines. Minimum age for seeking admission is 18 years and preference is given to applicants having an aptitude for arts.

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Sales Centre
To provide artists of the State with an avenue to sell their art works, a Sale Centre has been established, where the artists can send their works to be displayed at the Sales Centre as per the Rules of the Akademi. The Sales Centre is especially focused to benefit the medium-range buyers. For any sale taking place from the Centre, the Akademi deducts 15 % of the sale price as its commission.

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