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Lectures held so far in the Akademi
Date Venue Speaker Topic
13-21 June, 1963 Nainital M.Zaheer, Lucknow
Wall Paintings in Ajanta Caves
Raag Ragini
    Mukundi Lal, Garhwal
The Evolution of the Pahari School of Painting
Indian Culture As Depicted in Clay/Stone.
16 Oct, 1963 State Museum, Lucknow Radha Kamal Mukherjee, Lucknow Pal Art
17 Oct, 1963
State Museum, Lucknow
M. Zaheer, Lucknow Early Mughal Paintings
22 Oct, 1963 State Museum, Lucknow B.N. Srivastava, Lucknow The Art of Ajanta
3 Dec, 1963 State Museum, Lucknow Radha Kamal Mukherjee, Lucknow The Art of Indian Asia
6 Dec, 1963 State Museum, Lucknow B.N. Srivastava Life of Buddha in Indian Sculptures
11 Dec, 1963 State Museum, Lucknow C.D. Chaturvedi, Gorakhpur Early Phases of Indian Art
17 Jan, 1964 Cathedral Hall, Lucknow J.E. Van Lauzhen, Holland Fourteen Centuries of Thai Art
26 Feb, 1964 Cathedral Hall, Lucknow Mulk Raj Anand, Chandigarh New Vision in Contemporary Art
24 Mar, 1964 Cathedral Hall, Lucknow Radha Kamal Mukherjee, Lucknow Vision of Form
25-27 Mar, 1964 Cathedral Hall, Lucknow Krishna Dev
Pratihar Architecture
Pratihar Art
Art & Architecture of Khajuraho
16 Oct, 1965   Radha Kamal Mukerjee, Lucknow The Role of the Artist during the National Emergency
17-18 Dec, 1965   M. Zaheer, Lucknow
Bhitargaon Temple
.° Indian Wall Painting
3 Jan, 1966   V.R.Chitra, Shantiniketan Growth of Kala Bhawan, Vishwabharti, Shantiniketan
4 Jan, 1966   Mukundi Lal, Garhwal Garhwal Painting
6 Sep, 1966   Mukundi Lal, Garhwal Indian Culture through Sculptures
14 Sep, 1966   Bhagwat Sharan Upadhyaya Middle East Sculpture; Their Influence on India
28 Sep, 1966   Dinkar Kaushik, Lucknow Artist's look to the Present Day Society
17 Oct, 1966   R.C. Sharma, Lucknow Early Jain Art of Mathura
24 Oct, 1966   Radha Kamal Mukerjee, Lucknow Art Style & Motif in U.P.Sculptures
26 Oct, 1966   Christopher Snow, U.S.A History of American Art
29-30 Jan, 1967   J.P.Chhimot
Great Gaguin Van Gogh
.° Cubism of Abstract Art
27 Nov, 1968   P.T. Reddy, Hyderabad Present Day Problems with Art&Artists
19 Dec, 1968   K.N. Kacker, Lucknow Social Function of Art
2 Oct, 1980   Ram Chandra Shukla, Allahabad History of Indian Paintings
26 Dec, 1980   N.Khanna, Lucknow Experiments in Indian Art & its Progress
1982   Jane Jack, U.S.A Trends of Modern Western Sculpture
3 Nov, 1987   Diana Pierthbridge, England Henry Moore & Monumentation
23 June, 1989   Kazuki Tanakasi, Japan Easy Drawing
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