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Radhakamal Mukerjee Memorial Lecture Series
The contribution of the second Chairman of the Akademi Dr. Radhakamal Mukherjee is invaluable. Shri Mukerjee died on 24 August, 1968 while chairing the General Council meeting in the Akademi campus.

He has donated 271 works of art from his private collection to the Akademi which boasts of famous works of distinguished artists. Since 1979, lecture-series are being organised by the Akademi in his memory where renowned artists, art historians and art critics of the country are invited to speak on issues related to contemporary art. The following dignitaries have been invited so far :
S.No. Speaker Year Topic
1 Ms. Kamala Devi Chatopadhyay 1970 Characteristics of Folk Art
2 Prof. Nihar Ranjan Ray 1970 Image of Matter & Life in Indian Art
3 Dr. Bhagwat Sharan Upadhyaya 1970 Erotic in Symbols
4 Sri Mukundi Lal 1971 Traditions in Indian Art Theory
5 Prof. S.K. Saraswati 1971 Nepalese Manuscripts' Painting
6 Sri M. Zaheer 1971 Display of Objects in Museum& Galleries
7 Prof. K.G. Subramanian 1972 Our Art Traditions - Its Many Phases
8 Prof. Ajit Chakravarty 1972 Tantrik Art
9 Prof. Ramchandra Shukla 1973 Future Trends of Indian Modern Art
10 Sri Krishna Narain Kacker 1973 Nature of Modern Paintings
11 Sri Asad Ali 1973 Contemporary Art Scene
12 Sri P.C. Little 1973 Art Scene - Then & Now
13 Sri Nissim Ezkil 1973 Modern Indian Art& Its Audience
14 Prof. Dinkar Kaushik 1974
i Art Education
ii Two Experiments in Creative Education
iii Genesis of Image in Art
15 Prof. B.R. Amberkar 1976 Evaluation of Art : A Point of View
16 Prof. Krishna Khanna 1977
i The Progressive Painters' Group - 1948-53
ii Alternatives Before the Indian Artists
iii My Progress as an Artist since 1947
17 Sri Akbar Padamsee 1978 Aesthetic Sense & Contemporary Awareness in Indian Traditions
18 Dr. Suresh Awasthi 1978 Fine Art & Traditional Theatre
19 Dr. L.P. Sihare 1978
i Evaluation of Traditional Indian Art
ii Brief Survey of International Modern Painting
iii Brief Survey of Indian Modern Art
20 Prof. Joseph James 1979
i Towards a Picture
ii The Picture of Modern Indian Art
iii The Picture & the Prospects
21 Sri K.K. Nayyar 1980
i Indian Paintings
ii Continuity & Mutations
iii The Modern Phase & the Images of Man in Contemporary Indian Paintings
22 Dr. Ratan Parimu 1981
i Ashta Mahapratiharya
ii Indian Sculpture on Events of life of Mahatma Buddha
23 Ms. Jaya Appaswami 1982
i Indian Paintings on Company School
ii Indian Paintings on Glass
24 Ms. Geeta Kapoor 1983
i The Glass Picture of K.G. Subramanian
ii About Impression of Indian Art
25 Dr. Mohan Lal Nigam 1983
i Mughal Art
ii Sculptures of Andhra
26 Dr. Sridhar Andhare 1984
i Chronology of Mewar Painting
ii Artists - Their Estates & Genealogies in Mewar
27 Prof. K.S. Kulkarni 1985
i Appreciation of Art
ii Elements of Art Composition
28 Sri Vivan Sundaram 1986 Images & Contact - Figurative Painting in India
29 Dr. Jyotindra Jain 1986 Ritual Art of Western India
30 Sri Keshav Malik 1987
i Art Centres in India
ii Art & Technology
31 Dr. Rai Anand Krishna 1987
i Chronology of Mewar Painting
ii Artists - Their Estates & Genealogies in Mewar
32 Sri Pranav Ranjan Ray 1992 Indian Art History in Modern Age - A Viewpoint
33 Sri Vinod Bharadwaj 1993
i Threats in Today's Art
ii Art & its Market
34 Sri P.N. Mago 1994
i Art Craft & Craft Art
ii Quest for New Modes in Contemporary Art
35 Sri Sunit Chopra 1998
i Art & Sociology
ii The Radical in Indian Art
36 Sri P.N. Choyal 2001
i Outline of Contemporary Art
ii Art Education
37 Dr.Vidya Niwas Misra 2002 Indian Art Perspective
38 Shobhna Narayan 2005 Interlink between Lalit Kala and Nritya Kala
39 Shri Jyotish Joshi 2005 Interlink between Natya Kala and Lalit Kala
40 Shri Rai Anand Krishna 2005 Interlink between Lalit Kala and Litreture
41 Pan. Vidhyadhar Vyas 2005 Interlink between Lalit Kala and Sangeet
42 Dr. Veerbala Bhavasar 2007 Modern Art