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° National Level Photography Exhibition
° Annual Art Exhibitions of UP State
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° State Level (Regional) Exhibition
° A.I.F.A.C.S.- State Level Art Exhibition
° Applied Art Exhibition
With a view to decentralisation of activities, the Akademi organises Regional Art Exhibitions in 6 different regions of the State. Ten Exhibits are sent from each region to participate in the state level exhibition. Out of these 60 exhibits, five best exhibits are given a cash award, a mememto and a certificate.
List of Award Winners:
State Level (Regional) Exhibition, 1998-1999
Badarjahan, Aligarh Painting
Indu Joshi, Agra Painting
Ajay Jaitley, Allahabad Painting
Abhay Dwivedi, Kanpur Painting
Manu Sharma, Gorakhpur Painting
Umesh Kumar Saxena, Lucknow Painting
Awadhesh Misra, Varanasi Painting
State Level (Regional) Exhibition, 1999-2000
Savitri Pal, Lucknow Graphic
Madhurani, Aligarh Painting
Raka Agarwal, Meerut Painting
Vijay M. Dhore, Agra Painting
Shiv Kumar, Lucknow Sculpture
State Level (Regional) Exhibition, 2000-2001
Shivnath Ram, Varanasi Painting
P. Madan Gupta, Varanasi Sculpture
R.K. Saroj Kumar Singh, Lucknow Graphic
Sheela, Lucknow Painting
Jiten Hazarika, Noida Painting
State Level (Regional) Exhibition, 2001-2002
Ashwini Kumar Sharma, Agra Painting
Murlidhar Rai, Agra Painting
Sher Singh Kukkal, Noida Painting
Mitali Chaube, Varanasi Graphic
P. Madan Gupta, Varanasi Sculpture
State Level (Regional) Exhibition, 2002-2003
Sanjeev Kishore Gautam, Agra Graphic
Beenu Bhatia, Ghaziabad Graphic
Krishna Yadav, Lucknow Sculpture
Milli Pandey, Lucknow Painting
Suneeta Kushwaha, Varanasi Sculpture
State Level (Regional) Exhibition, 2003-2004
Shashikala Singh, Agra Graphic
Ajit Kumar Rai, Allahabad Painting
Balbir Krishna, Baghpat Drawing
Hiralal Prajapati, Varanasi Painting
Sneh Mohan, Lucknow Sculpture
State Level (Regional) Exhibition, 2004-2005`
Lal Ratnakar Painting
Brijesh Swaroop Painting
Rali Shukla Painting
Shailesh Kumar Chaurasia Painting
Sunil Kumar Sculpture
State Level (Regional Exhibition-2007)
M.Suleman Painting
Ram Sabad Singh Painting
Anil Kumar Painting
Shasha Nath Sculpture
Ankita Yadav Graphic
(Regional Exhibition(Varanasi)2010
(Rs.5000/-(Cash Award)
Radha Swami Painting
Ajay Kumar Painting
Vilok Kumar Verma Sculpture
Regional Exhibition-(Kanpur)2011
(Rs.5000/-(Cash Award)
Deepika Giri-Allahabad Painting
mamta Verma-Kanpur Drawing
Maheshwar Kumar-Lucknow Sculpture
Regional Exhibition-(Bareilly) 2012
(Rs.5000/-(Cash Award)
Sanjay Kumar Sahani , Bijnaur Painting
Anand Lakhtakia, Barielly Painting
Dev Brat , Muradabad Painting
Regional Exhibition-(Ghaziabad) 2013
(Rs.5000/-(Cash Award)
Veena Mishra - Ghaziabad Painting
Sanjay Kumar Sharma - Ghaziabad Painting
Namrta Sharma - Greatar Noida Painting
Regional Exhibition-(Aligarh) 2013
Anil Soni - Mathura Painting
Dr. Manisha Dohare - Agra Painting
Sruti Singh - Agra Painting
Regional Exhibition-(Saharanpur) 2013-14
(Rs.10000/-(Cash Award)
Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh - Saharanpur Painting
Dr. Ram Bali Prajapati - Ghaziabad Painting
Kumar Santosh - Ghaziabad Painting
Regional Exhibition-(Allahabad) 2013-14
(Rs.10000/-(Cash Award)
Santoo Kumar Chaube Sculpture
Kumar Amarendu Singh Graphic
Dhiraj Yadav - Allahabad Painting
Regional Exhibition-(Agra) 2013-14
(Rs.10000/-(Cash Award)
Dr. Ved Prakash Paliwal - Agra Painting
Dr. Rakha Kakkar - Agra Painting
Anoop Kumar Singh - Mathura Painting
Regional Exhibition-(Bareilly) 2013-14
(Rs.10000/-(Cash Award)
Anurag - Muradabad Painting
Swati Gupta - Shajahanpur Painting
Bijendra Kumar - Muradabad Painting
Regional Exhibition-(Gorakhpur) 2013-14
(Rs.10000/-(Cash Award)
Nisha Maddheshiya - Gorakhpur Painting
Shivanshi Bhushan - Gorakhpur Painting
Sita Vishvkarma - Gorakhpur Painting
Regional Exhibition-(Aligarh) 2014-15
(Rs.10000/-(Cash Award)
Furkan Ahamad - Aligarh Painting
Nav Kant - Agra Painting
Rajiv Ranjan - Aligarh Painting
Regional Exhibition-(Ghaziabad) 2014-15
(Rs.10000/-(Cash Award)
Vinita - Ghaziabad Painting
Shivan Yadav - Ghaziabad Painting
Santosh Kumar - Meerut Painting
Regional Exhibition-(Bareilly) 2014-15
(Rs.10000/-(Cash Award)
Bijendra Kumar - Muradabad Painting
Prem Singh Gautam - Badayun Painting
Sibli Khan - Bareilly Painting
Regional Exhibition-(Lucknow) 2014-15
(Rs.10000/-(Cash Award)
Milan Kumar - Unnao Sculpture
Sanjay Raj - Lucknow Painting
Shraddha Tiwari - Kanpur Painting
Regional Exhibition-(Varanasi) 2014-15
(Rs.10000/-(Cash Award)
Asha - Varanasi Painting
Ashish Kumar - Varanasi Photographi
Soni - Chitrakut Graphic